Blessings During Quarantine

Recently on Integral Life, Corey and Ken talk about Forgiveness and Gratitude. ( The whole world and many of it’s inhabitants seem to be transforming into something new with the Covid-19 event.

It’s been a while since I’ve published a blog. I like many others, have been transforming through life circumstances. In 2017 I ended a 25 year relationship to a marriage partner. 💔 It was excruciating painful and included moving from Nevada back to my home state of Texas and my birth place, Austin.

Since late 2017 I have been working on healing by taking lots of road trips, a lot of self care, and shadow work. All of this was very helpful but of course life had to go on, so the healing was slow. I was able to do a lot of forgiving of myself and my partner and feel some real gratitude to him in early 2020. I told him in a telephone conversation that while it was the right thing for us to part, he was the love of my life and I was so grateful for all the great years we had. ❤️

On March 18, he chose to end his life. It was the day after his 69th birthday. I was in week two of my Covid-19 quarantine at the time, and so was forced to hibernate in my grief. I could only get virtual hugs, condolences and all those things that I would normally love and prefer to get in person. Because of the quarantine I had to go deeper into myself for comfort and growth from my life circumstance. For me that was a blessing not to go outside myself for these healings and they are still ongoing.

I’m still a chrysalis in the goo 🐛 of dissolving from my old self to the new, but I’m excited to see what kind of new butterfly I am becoming! How about you and your becoming? 🦋

Author: Terry Collins

Foresight consultant and a lecturer and researcher at the University of Houston in the College of Technology. In the Project Management Department she teaches Leadership and Team Building to graduate students. In the Human Development and Consumer Science Department she teaches Human Ecosystems and Technological Change to undergraduates online. As a researcher she has worked in conjunction with the University of Houston Foresight Department and the Lumina Foundation on Student Needs 2025+. Led and mentored the "Emerging Fellows" blogging group for the Association of Professional Futurists. Has also mentored a group for the Women's Energy Network. Terry has given five presentations at the World Futures Society and two at the regional Project Management conference. She has appeared on “Great Day Houston” and moderated a Futures Panel at the Mensa regional conference. Terry has peer-reviewed publications in Foresight, Futures Quarterly Review, and On the Horizon She has a B.A. in Philosophy & a M.S. in Foresight

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